Single Image


[single_image align="left_align" image_url="" link_type="normal_link" target="_self" type="rounded" simple_link_title="Rounded" image_alt="Rounded" simple_link="#"]


[single_image align="center_align" image_url="" type="circle" image_alt="Circle"]

Circle – Border

Circle - Border
[single_image align="center_align" image_url="" type="circle-border" image_alt="Circle - Border"]

Thumbnail – Border

Thumbnail - Border
[single_image align="center_align" image_url="" type="thumb-img" image_alt="Thumbnail - Border"]

Circle (Lightbox)

[single_image align="center_align" image_url="" link_type="lightbox_link" type="circle-border" lightbox_link_title="Circle (Lightbox)" lightbox_src=""]

Thumbnail (Link)

Thumbnail - Border
[single_image align="center_align" image_url="" type="thumb-img" image_alt="Thumbnail - Border" link_type="normal_link" simple_link="#"]

Single Image Options

  • id: Add a unique ID to the shortcode.
  • class: Add a class or multiple classes to the shortcode.
  • animation: “fade_in”, “move_left”, “move_right”, “move_up”, “scale_up”, “little_bounce”, “fade_in_down”, “fade_in_left”, “fade_in_right”.
  • padding: Enter padding in this format only. [0px, 0px, 0px, 0px] = [Top(px), Right(px), Bottom(px), Left(px)]
  • align: “left_align”, “center_align”, “right_align”.
  • type: “default”, “rounded”, “circle”, “circle-border”, “thumb-img”.
  • image_url: Add Display Image URL.
  • image_alt: Enter Image Alternative Text Here.
  • link_type: “no_link”, “lightbox_link”, “normal_link”.
  • simple_link_title: Enter Link Title Here.
  • simple_link: Enter Link Here
  • target: “_self”, “_blank”.
  • link_rel: Set Link Rel Attribute. Add nofollow if needed. Learn more.
  • lightbox_src: Lightbox Image URL.
  • lightbox_link_title: Lightbox Image Title.