Font Awesome Icons

[fa_icon icon="heart" size="small" circle="yes" background_color="#7ad41a" animation="fade_in"]

[fa_icon icon="music" size="medium" circle="yes" background_color="#1297eb" animation="fade_in"]

[fa_icon icon="pagelines" size="large" circle="yes" background_color="#c37ae2" animation="fade_in"]

[fa_icon icon="cubes" size="large" circle="yes" background_color="#f4b711" animation="fade_in" inline="font-size:60px;"]

[fa_icon icon="coffee" size="large" circle="yes" background_color="#E9E9E9" animation="fade_in" inline="font-size:60px;" color="#F75F6B"]

[fa_icon icon="anchor" size="large" circle="yes" background_color="#BB73DD" animation="fade_in" inline="font-size:60px;"]

[fa_icon icon="cogs" size="large" circle="yes" background_color="#58D6E7" animation="fade_in"]
[fa_icon icon="dashboard" size="medium" circle="yes" background_color="#F03218" animation="fade_in"]
[fa_icon icon="link" size="small" circle="yes" background_color="#EC810D" animation="fade_in"]

More Icons

Font Awesome Icon Options

  • icon: Add Font Awesome Icon name if activate_title value is either “icon” or “icon_text”. e.g. For fa-anchor, add the name without fa-. icon=”anchor”.
  • size: Select the size of the icon. “small”, “medium”, “large”
  • circle: Choose whether you want a circle to be put around the icon. “yes”, “no”
  • background_color: Enter the custom background color code if you want any, else leave it blank to use the default.
  • color: Choose the icon color if you have chosen a background color.
  • id: add a unique ID to the shortcode.
  • class: add a class or multiple classes to the shortcode.
  • inline: Enter inline style for this element (optional). e.g. font-size:30px;
  • animation: “fade_in”, “move_left”, “move_right”, “move_up”, “scale_up”, “little_bounce”, “fade_in_down”, “fade_in_left”, “fade_in_right”.