Add Divider Title Here

Text with Icon

Text with Icon


[divider style="long"]
[divider style="short"]
[divider style="dashed_thick"]
[divider style="dashed_thin"]
[divider style="dotted_thick" margin_top="60" margin_bottom="60"]
[divider style="dotted_thin"]
[divider style="double_line"]
[divider style="shadow_bottom"]
[divider style="long" activate_title="text" title="Add Divider Title Here" align="center_align"]
[divider style="dashed_thick" icon="gift" color="#7eda1c" activate_title="icon_text" title="Text with Icon" align="left_align"]
[divider style="dashed_thick" icon="heart" color="#f00" activate_title="icon_text" title="Text with Icon" align="center_align"]
[divider style="dotted_thin" icon="shopping-cart" color="#7eda1c" activate_title="icon" align="center_align"]

Divider Options

  • style: “long”, “short”, “blank”, “dashed_thick”, “dashed_thin”, “dotted_thick”, “dotted_thin”, “double_line”, “shadow_bottom”.
  • activate_title: “no”, “text”, “icon”, “icon_text”.
  • title: Enter Title Text if activate_title value is either “text” or “icon_text”.
  • icon: Add Font Awesome Icon name if activate_title value is either “icon” or “icon_text”. e.g. For fa-anchor, add the name without fa-. icon=”anchor”.
  • align: Title or Icon Alignment. “left_align”, “center_align”, “right_align”.
  • color: Add Icon Color.
  • margin_top: Add Custom Margin Top Value. Default is 30px. Add the value without “px”.
  • margin_bottom: Add Custom Margin Bottom Value. Default is 30px. Add the value without “px”.
  • height: Add Custom Height is “style” is “blank”.
  • id: add a unique ID to the shortcode.
  • class: add a class or multiple classes to the shortcode.
  • animation: “fade_in”, “move_left”, “move_right”, “move_up”, “scale_up”, “little_bounce”, “fade_in_down”, “fade_in_left”, “fade_in_right”.