This is a Notice Alert Style!
[alert type="notice" align="left_align" close="false"] This is a Notice Alert Style! [/alert]


This is a Warning Alert Style!
[alert type="warning" align="left_align" close="true"] This is a Warning Alert Style! [/alert]


This is a Success Alert Style!
[alert type="success" align="left_align" close="false"] This is a Success Alert Style! [/alert]


This is an Error Alert Style!
[alert type="error" align="left_align" close="false"] This is an Error Alert Style! [/alert]


This is a Custom Alert Style!
[alert type="custom" align="left_align" close="false" bg_color="#19CDFA" icon="fa-globe"] This is a Custom Alert Style! [/alert]

Alert Options

  • id: add a unique ID to the shortcode.
  • class: add a class or multiple classes to the shortcode.
  • animation: “fade_in”, “move_left”, “move_right”, “move_up”, “scale_up”, “little_bounce”, “fade_in_down”, “fade_in_left”, “fade_in_right”.
  • type: “notice”, “warning”, “success”, “error”, “custom”.
    • icon: Choose an icon if the above type is Custom.
    • bg_color: Select backgound color for the custom selected icon.
  • align: “center_align”, “left_align”.
  • close: Close Button – “false”, “true”.
  • content: Add the alert field text.